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Does this sound familiar?

You arrive at the airport two hours prior to departure, wait on long lines, check your luggage, proceed to security, only to learn that you are in possession of a prohibited item; perhaps it's your favorite Swiss Army™ Knife, Leatherman™ Multi-tool, Tweezer Man™ product. And now it’s too late to secure your belonging in your checked luggage!

Until now, you had no choice other than to turn over your personal belongings to security personnel and watch them tossed in a bin along with other confiscated items. In fact, the Transportation Security Administrations claims that over 7 million prohibited items have been removed from the flying public since February 2002!

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Now you can Mail it back with MailBack™!

Created and sponsored by the leading manufacturers in the cutlery industry, MailBack THE AIRPORT ENVELOPE, is a personal property return system available at or close to airport security checkpoints. MailBack is a safety-lined, pre-stamped envelope complete with a special laminated sheath to cover sharp points.

Forgot to pack your favorite knife or pocket tools?

No longer will you have to relinquish the possession of your favorite belongings just because you forgot to properly pack these items for air travel.
Just think B-A-M

"Buy It-Address It-Mail It"

Already surrendered that favorite knife or tweezer?

We invite you to visit the online store at, to replace previously confiscated items at substantial discounts.

How do I know what I can and cannot check or carry-on a commercial aircraft today?

For your information and convenience, we are pleased to provide a link to the Transportation Security Administration so that you can keep current with the rules and list of prohibited items.

On behalf of all our sponsors, we would like to thank you, our customers, for your brand loyalty. We would also like to thank all of those employees at our airports and government buildings that work diligently to ensure the public’s safety.


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