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Become a FORCE Retailer

 Introducing a new product line for your store,'SECURITY'. Announcing the launch of FORCE self-defense sprays here in New York. Small, discreet, easy to carry and the only product of its type approved to be sold legally in New York.

Become a Force retailer and bring your customers the latest in home security, a rapidly expanding market that offers high profit margins. FORCE SPRAYS are simple to operate, they’re safe, they’re smart, they’re good business and are now State approved for legal distribution only through pharmacies.

Contact us at SELF DEFENSES today for your introductory retail and point of sale kits at no risk to you. Phone 800-541-5450 and ask about our SPECIAL INTRODUCTORY OFFER.


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Retail $13.95 $16.95 $19.95

The primary form of distribution for our product line is through quality retail establishments such as pharmacies, hardware stores and general merchandise stores. We require storefronts that are properly staffed and with normal business hours.

In New York State our Force Sprays may only be sold through pharmacies.

In order to facilitate sales Self Defenses have developed a range of point of sale signs and other merchandising material to offer the reseller. Incorporating these marketing displays will significantly enhance sells and increase profits.

Sales of our products are very much media driven, that is we find dramatic headlines and news events - even rising concern over the economy leads to an increase in sales. To be blunt, for self defense resellers bad news is good business.

In the case of pharmacies we also find that our products sell best when they are displayed specifically amongst men products. Within the male market we find two predominant demographics operate; that of young male students aged 18-25 and young male home owners aged between 32 -45. Although our products are used and liked by woman our research shows that 62% of female customers surveyed said that their 1st force spray unit was initially brought for them by a man.

For first time retailers Self Defenses offers a First Order Sales Guarantee. We will on return of goods refund you the purchase price between 6 months and 2 years. Provided you have displayed the product in a proper retail environment as per our requirements. Up to three times the amount on display on your retail shelves with a limit up to 100 pieces.

Spray products are not to be sold to any one under the age of 18; this is to be strictly enforced.

By selling our products not only will you increase profits but you will contribute to the safety of your community.

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