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“The Envelope Please”
Airport Security Just Got Better!

There had to be a better way! You arrived early at the airport, waited on long lines and checked your bags. You then proceeded to security, were x-rayed and wanded (maybe even removed your shoes), only to be informed that you are in possession of an item on the prohibited list (Swiss Army knife, scissors). And now it’s too late to put it in your checked-in luggage. Millions of Americans have had this experience.

The Transportation Security Administration (TSA) has reported that over 10 million items have been confiscated from the traveling public since 9/11. Until now, you had little choice but to “contribute to the security of America” by turning over your personal belongings and watch as they were tossed in a bin with hundreds of other confiscated items. It doesn’t have to happen any longer!

There is a better way and the better way is MailBack, “the airport envelope”, a “personal property return system.”

MailBack is a pre-packaged, pre-stamped, bubble lined envelope. Made of DuPont™ Tyvek® brand protective material. Also included is “point safe”, a patent pending sheath designed to protect sharp points from piercing the envelope from the inside, plus a pen to address it on the spot.
(It’s easy) Buy it – Address It - Mail It. And BAM,

When dropped in a mail box, MailBack containing your property will travel
first-class through the U.S. Postal Service (to any United States destination), whether it catches up to you at your final destination or back to your home.

Alan Kaufman, President of Self Defenses, the company that spearheaded and produces MailBack commented, “As we ensure national security and public safety, we no longer have to compromise the rights of individuals and their property.

Tests of MailBack, at various airports, have already proven to be very successful, with acceptance by the public, TSA and airline agents. This cooperative solution to confiscation is a win-win-win situation.

MailBack is made in the USA, and will be sold at airport retailers and airline ticket counters close to security checkpoints. From $4.95 to $6.95. Available now at Hudson News, the transportation retail specialists. And everywhere on or before the Fourth of July.

So if you should find yourself in this predicament, just ask for “The Envelope Please”.




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